Things to consider before importing a car into canada

1. Double-check that the car you are going to purchase is permitted in Canada:

2. As of March 20 2007, if you import a big V8 vehicle (or any "gas guzzler" as defined by the RIV), you can pay up to $4000 in extra "green levy" fees. This charge will be part of the fees you pay to Canada Customs (which you will see later on in these instructions). For more info:

For imported vehicles, the tax will only apply to automobiles put into service on or after March 20, 2007. An automobile is considered to be put into service at the earliest of:
• the date the automobile is registered with a motor vehicle authority;
• the date it is plated;
• the date on which the automobile’s warranty has been put in place; or
• the date the automobile is appropriated by a dealer for their own use.

3. Check that the warranty for the car is also valid in Canada by calling the US side of the manufacturer and asking how the vehicle warranty would apply if you had to immediately move your American vehicle to Canada (due to possible relocation for a job, for example). If warranty coverage is unavailable in Canada, you can get a third party warranty from

Keep in mind that, even if you have to pay for a third party warranty, you are still saving thousands of dollars in many cases.

Canadian warranty status of new cars imported from the USA:
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